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Praia dos Artistas

(Urban Coast)

Praia dos ArtistasBeach of revolted sea, good for surf, located 5 minutes far from downtown and between the Areia Preta and Praia do meio Beaches. It's accessed by the Via Costeira or Hermes da Fonseca Avenue.

It is famous by its night attractions such as restaurants and night clubs.

Don't forget to stop at the Ladeira do Sol, place where you can appraise one of the most beautiful postal cards of the city: the sight of the Meio, Artistas, and Forte Beaches and the Fortaleza dos Reis Magos.


General information
Nice for surfing practice
Pictures of the beach (click to enlarge)
Praia dos Artistas
Praia dos Artistas
Praia dos Artistas
Praia dos Artistas

Photo credits: Juliano Caetano.

Establishments found on this beach

Hotel Porto Mirim
Hotel Praia Center
Hotel Residence Praia
Marina Badauê Praia Hotel

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