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(South Coast)

PipaInternationally recognized, Pipa is obligator stroll in any trip to Natal.

Distant 80 km of the capital, the beach, originally a fishing village, was taken by immigrants of all parts of the world, that had decided to stay and live there.

Today Pipa counts on an excellent infrastructure of restaurants (with foods of all parts of the world) and lodging (that goes since simple inns and campings until the most refined resort.

Its landscape is formed by cliffs, warm, clear and calm waters, and lots of vegetation. One of Pipa's strolls includes the Ecological Sanctuary, with delicious walks, space for picnics and an observatory with an exclusive sight of the Bay of the Dolphins (Baia dos Golfinhos).

The central beach, where there are the side-sea bars, is calmer, with few waves. If you have available for a walk, in the south direction, the tip is the Love Beach (Praia do Amor), with open sea and strong waves - point of the surfers. To the north side, there is The Bay of the Dolphins (Baia dos Golfinhos): a small cove, where the dolphins approach to the beach searching for fish and swim side by side with the swimmers. If you're lucky, you can meet the sea turtles, also Pipa guests.

At night, Pipa also counts with the animation of the bars in the central avenue, place to meet pretty people of all parts of the world, and also with night clubs, where the party rolls on until dawn.

However, the modern and the rustic find each other in Pipa: we can easily find malls, French restaurants as well as bare-footed fishers and rafts, small markets and encampments by the side of the beach.

Campings with access to the InterNet are a reality, but be always prevented taking cash, Pipa still doesn't have an electronic cash machine, and there are few hotels and restaurants that accept credit cards.


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Photo credits: Juliano Caetano.

Establishments found on this beach

Camping Jardim da Lua
Chalés Tropical
Eco Camping
Enseada Muriú
Hotel CasaBlanca Resort
Hotel do Amor
Hotel Paraíso
Hotel Solar Atlântico Sul
Império do Sol Inn and Chalets
Pipa Resort
Ponta do Madeiro
Pousada Alto da Pipa
Pousada Barracuda
Pousada Cabo Verde
Pousada Cavalo Marinho

Casarão Restaurant
Marinas Tibau do Sul Hotel
Al Buchetto
Sushi Kinha
Pizza, Picanha e CIA

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