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Areia Preta

(Urban Coast)

Areia PretaThis beach until a little time ago was visited only for the inhabitants of the quarter of Mãe Luíza which is close to it, but what is being noticed is the valuation of the place and the sprouting of luxury building and houses in the edge.

All this, probably, due to the exuberant sight of the green ocean and the two bays that compose this beach.

The practice of surf is frequent, the sea bath with children also is recommended because there is the formation of "swimming pools" between the rocks during the low tide. In the high tide it is a great choice to take a walk in the side walk and appreciate the gorgeous landscape. The sea bath in this in case it is not recommended because the sea covers up the rocks hiding the sand and becomes dangerous. In this condition, surf also can be dangerous.

Another great feature of this beach certainty are the excellent restaurants (we suggest the Farol Bar) that can be found.

There are many options of quality and attractive prices.


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Nice for surfing practice
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Areia Preta
Areia Preta
Areia Preta
Areia Preta
Areia Preta

Photo credits: Juliano Caetano.

Establishments found on this beach

Natal Náutilus Praia Hotel

Farol Bar

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