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History and nature get together in Arez

by Revista Natal pra Você

The beauty of the potiguar South Coast is not restricted to beaches. The region also has cultural manifestations, buildings and monuments of historical value, beyond a natural wealth represented by an extensive set of rivers, streams and lagoons, vegetation of salt and a huge variety of fauna and flora.

The city of Arez fits well the profile described above. The city was a stage for battles for the domain of the land between Portuguese and Dutch, in the XVII century. It is about one hour far from Natal and only 30 minutes of Pipa beach.

Alike the whole region, Arez has a strong handicraft production, that is exposed on the streets. The craftsmen manufacture and sell clothing pieces and also domestic useful items, above all using the technique of the labyrinth. The products give a colorful touch to the popular commerce.

Arez is one of cities that borders the important lagoon of Guaraíras, which is extended until Tibau do Sul, where it joins the sea. There are also boat strolls that show Guaraíras to the tourist in a detailed way. Arez also has the lagoons of Aranun and Papeba. This last one is connected to Guaraíras.

Nothing less than five rivers run inside of the city. The Jacu is born in the Mountain range of Cuité, in the State of Paraíba, and empties in Guaraíras. The Sapé, that also drains into the lagoon, is born in the same area that the Urucará. It still has the Primeiro River, that is originated in the flakes of the city and encounters the Rio do Meio.

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